Fine Art – Perfect Timing

Here is a shot from a recent trip, just back in early fall from the Bow River between Banff and Lake Louise.

The reason for the name of the shot is simple.  I arrived at the perfect time.

When I had arrived, I had both cameras with me, along with my tripod and camera bag.  A number of people had already set up to shoot something.  The only thing I noticed when I arrived was a great setting (as you can see), along with some nice railway tracks.

Before I even had a chance to put my equipment down to set up, a lady came scurrying up to me and said “Oh! You look like you have been here before and know when the next train is coming?  Most of us have been here for a few hours waiting for the next train, and a few people have just left…” (I saw a couple people packing up to leave as I had arrived). I looked around and then looked at the lady and advised “I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about, is there a train that normally runs along these tracks? Wow, wouldn’t that just make my picture if a train were to come through?!”.

The poor lady looked at me with disappointment and carried on back to her location where she was going to take her picture from.  I then started to set up my gear, tripod and prepare both cameras.  Just as I had set the shot up, I heard the whistle from the train, and about 45 seconds later, voila! Between the two cameras (one hand held, one tripod mounted with remote), I managed to capture about 25 shots.  Enjoy the image.

Like all of my images, this image is available in large format aluminum print, framed in an Italian made olive tree veneer in a limited number run (30).  Please contact me if you are interested in purchase this or any of my images.  Don’t forget to visit my website at:

Train coming through the mountains.

Train coming through the mountains.

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