Piece At CGM Electronics – Michael Iwasaki – Art Gallery

I was pretty excited with the kind folks (Reiner & team) were agreeable to hang one of my pieces in their show room.  This is the same amazing group that did our home theatre / sound system install, and I cannot say enough great things about their service, great pricing and amazing depth of sound knowledge.

The piece, (03 – Vancouver at Dusk), shot from the top of the Shangri La before they opened is one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen living in Vancouver.  Amazing colors. Amazing light.

CGM 1 cgm2

About CGM Electronics

Since they opened their doors in 1955, CGM Electronics has grown into one of British Columbia’s premier Home Entertainment dealers. They combine highly rated name brand electronics, experienced staff who provide unbeatable service, and innovative ideas to create customer satisfaction that is second to none.

C.G.M. Electronics offers a team approach to building a home cinema experience that suits your decor, budget and performance desires. They will work with you through all stages of your project to ensure you the highest quality design, installation, calibration, and after-support.

They are happy to recommend the best, most suitable products available for your particular project. Their staff consists of youthful, technology-minded home cinema enthusiasts, experienced electronic technicians and renowned audio engineers to provide an unique balance of interest, knowledge and follow through.

Speak to them about your home cinema ideas and dreams, and we will work to provide you with a well integrated, exciting home entertainment experience.


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