More Milky Way Night Shots!

Ok, I have to admit, I have started to become a little addicted to these evening Milky Way Shots!  They are a lot of fun to capture, and there is a certain social aspect that I don’t mind too if you head out with a few buds.

Here are two more shots captured on separate evenings.

The first night that we headed out, was quite late.  We had been advised that skies would clear, and be patient.  When we got to the location (Porteau Cove), it was an absolute disaster. CLOUDS EVERYWHERE! I almost packed it in, as I did not want to keep the other two that were with me from anything they may have needed to tend to.  That being said, just as I was about to say “This is a dogs breakfast, lets bail”, one of them said, “Well, why don’t we just hang around for a bit and see what happens?”.  I agreed, and it wasn’t before too long that a few southerly winds started to pick up, and the skies just magically started to clear.

The shots require a lot of patience and a VERY steady tripod as the exposures are quite long.

Here are the shots, enjoy.

Orions belt through the stars.

Orions belt through the stars.

60 Milky Way Over Porteau Dock

Looking north toward Squamish with the Milky way above.

Porteau Milky Way

The Milky Way with the lights from Squamish in the distance.

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